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The benefits of Paving Stones

Why the Bay Area prefers Interlocking Pavers Specialist

Most Bay Area property owners can appreciate an increase of their property value by using paving stones instead of concrete slabs. Pavers are stronger than concrete and are resistant to earthquakes. Additionally, paving stones are inexpensive to repair, which saves the home owner money in the long term. Paving stones are elegant and beautiful, and will enhance the beauty of any home.

Interlocking Pavers Specialist is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. As Bay Area paving contractors, we are proud to serve the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Alameda County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County and the Monterey County.

We use our own crew for all of our paving installations. We provide a warranty for all of our materials and workmanship of the Hardscape installation as long as the original purchaser lives in the property.

Bay Area Driveway Contractor

Interlocking Pavers Specialist has been creating artisan quality driveways and hardscape surfaces more more than 25 years. Our love of Quarry Stone and its ability to create beautiful and elegant outdoor home accents has helped us to build our successful family business.
The driveway serves as the gateway to your home. The difference in curb appeal between a home with a cracked or stained concrete driveway, and one that is beautifully designed and laid out by an experienced driveway contractor is incomparable. If you are in the process of building a home, or have a damaged asphalt or concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced, consider the attractive and durable driveway surface provided by interlocking paving stones.


Our clients love us!

We’ve installed pavers for hundreds of Bay Area residents and here is what they are saying!

“Your staff worked quickly and efficiently, they did wonderful work. I will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.”

Lisa Bates
Palo Alto, Ca.

“We wish to commend you for the work you completed for us (driveways, sidewalks, porch). We have received many compliments on the job and would recommend you to others.”

Marie Phares
San Jose, Ca.

“We are writing to express our appreciation for you and your crews’ fabulous job on our back patio and pool decking. We wish you continued success, you deserve it!”

Michael Wagner
Los Altos Hills, Ca.

“If you are interested in improving the value of your property as I was in 2007 please read on. My neighbor contracted “Interlocking Paver Specialist” (IPS) to install pavers in their drive way. When I viewed the finished product, I was so impressed I obtained IPS’s Phone number and gave them a call, I met with Victor Armendariz (IPS owner) a few days later and I contracted to have my drive way done too. That change alone so improved the curb appeal value of my property, I felt it necessary to go the next step. I then aranged with Victor to install pavers all around my home. That was a much larger job which included 2 patios and 3 planter areas for small trees. A few of the workers habits that impressed me the most were – Prompt arrival time with work men eager to do their job – All workers practiced clean working habits – Workers attention to detailed laying of pavers in patterns – At days end area was cleaned and in an orderly fashion. It is clear to me IPS certainly knew their business and I would give them a 5 star approval rating.”

Shirley McRae
Bay Area, CA