Fire-pits & Fireplaces



A built in Roman Stone fire pit allows you to enjoy the perfect home campfire with an added level of safety and functional beauty. Consider the number of guests that you plan on entertaining to determine the appropriate dimensions. The fire pit must be lined with steel, or a prefabricated fire insert, to protect the Roman Stone from direct flames. Fire pits usually sit low to the ground, with overall heights between 16″ and 20″. This is a comfortable height for sitting, or for resting your feet.



Adding a fireplace transforms any patio into an outdoor living room. Take advantage of the California climate by entertaining and enjoying life outdoors year round. Build anything from a simple free standing unit, to an elaborate combination of living room elements. The fire place pictured below utilizes a Firerock insert kit with the Roman Stone as the veneer. For detailed information on how build a beautiful functional fireplace go to