Interlocking Pavers Specialist Should Be Your Preferred Bay Area Driveway Contractor

Interlocking Pavers Specialist has been creating artisan quality driveways and hardscape surfaces more more than 25 years.  Our love of Quarry Stone and its ability to create beautiful and elegant outdoor home accents has helped us to build our successful family business.
The driveway serves as the gateway to your home.  The difference in curb appeal between a home with a cracked or stained concrete driveway, and one that is beautifully designed and laid out by an experienced driveway contractor is incomparable. If you are in the process of building a home, or have a damaged asphalt or concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced, consider the attractive and durable driveway surface provided by interlocking paving stones.

They are stronger than their concrete and asphalt counterparts and the interlocking seams allow enough movement to make them resistant to earthquake damage. Paving stones offer an elegant and long lasting driveway medium that enhances the beauty and increases the value of your property.

Discover the Beauty and Durability of Quarry Stone Driveway Pavers

There are many advantages that make Quarry Stone our preferred medium for long lasting and artistically elegant driveway pavers.  The advantages to using paver stones include:
Its Strength and Durability: Quarry Stone is three times stronger than concrete and is resistant to cracking. When you select Paver Stone for your driveway paving medium, you will be able to enjoy it’s benefits for the lifetime of your home.
Quarry Stone is Affordable: Because of its aforementioned durability, it is one of the most affordable hardscape elements on the market.  Since

Paver Stones are more affordable than natural stone and more durable than concrete, homeowners save thousands of dollars in future maintenance and replacement costs.
The Beauty and Elegance of Antiquity: Quarry Stone is reminiscent of a time when hardscapes were painstakingly laid piece by piece, to create artistic designs and surfaces that have lasted lifetimes.  Your driveway contractor can help you design a simple pattern or a complex geometric design, depending on your preference.

A Colorful Palette:  Quarry Stones come in a variety of earth tones which allow homeowners to choose one color, or multiple colors, that will blend naturally in to any architectural or landscape color scheme. They Can Be Applied to Almost Any Surface.  Paving stones can be applied to asphalt or concrete, as long as the surface is free of cracks or any signs of erosion.  They can also be laid on a compacted aggregate base.

Hire an Experienced Driveway Contractor For Driveway Pavers That Last a Lifetime

If you are ready to create a beautiful and elegant driveway that will last a lifetime, Contact Interlocking Pavers Specialist. Owner, Victor Armendariz, and the
crew here at Interlocking Pavers Specialist are known as one of the best interlocking paver installers in the Bay Area.

Victor’s honesty, dependability, and craftsmanship have become the cornerstones of our company.  Our company enjoys referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers and paving stone manufacturers alike. We look forward to helping you make your hardscape dreams.